Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flowers - They Make You Smile !

What more can you say? Flowers just make you feel good.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Alternative Candles Photographic Print

This interesting photo of candles and a bowl was taken back in 2006. It’s interesting, because 2006 was the year that I began to switched from traditional photography to digital and started learning to use a
photo editor, rather than a darkroom.

How did I pick this photo? Generally, I will edit my photos in a couple of different styles and then print up samples to lay out on my work station. Then I’ll leave the room for a little while and when I return, I will see which print speaks out to me - stands out above the others. That will be the one I will select. I choose to use this sepia style because it had a warmth that did not come out in the original color print.

Framing Suggestions

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photos for Eveyone

As my photographic journey continues, I’m always searching for new ways to get my photographic prints out there for everyone to enjoy. After all, what enjoyment does a photograph bring, collecting dust?

At last, I think I have found a venue,, that allows me to sell my work at a fair price, with a minimum amount of hassles. Being a “No Fees” based venue, I can pass that savings on to my customers.

In addition, by offering my work as “prints only”  I can keep my shipping rates low (your not paying for the added weight of framing) and offer shipping worldwide.

Everyday I will be featuring one of my photographic prints for your enjoyment, along with a little background about the photo and a framing suggestion or two. Your comments and questions are always encouraged.